The project aims at designing and developing the next generation thermal energy storage utilizing high temperature molten salt. The project is supported by the REACT-EU program through "Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse" and coordinated by Copenhagen Atomics.

The project is supported by four project partners and aims at developing, modelling and analyzing a 1,000 MWhth energy system in which high temperature molten salt thermal storage (up to 700°C) can be used to generate green electricity and/or produce hot water for district heating. Likewise, the energy system will supplement the existing infrastructure and increase plant capacity, especially during peak hours.

Aalborg CSP scope

The key activities of Aalborg CSP has been to model, simulate and clarify the requirements for next generation steam generators for high temperature applications (salt-to-steam). The work was based on the current ‘low’ temperature salt/steam generators (<500°C) and forms the basis for the development of a new high temperature salt/steam generator.


Funding: REACT-EU program
Technology:   Thermal Energy Storage + Steam Generation System
Capacity: 1,000 MWhth
Scope:   Clarify requirements, model and simulate energy system incl. thermal energy storage, whilst also providing some key figures for feasibility analysis.
Timeframe: 2022-2023


Hammam Soliman
Senior Sales and R&D Manager
Integrated Energy Systems /
Thermal Energy Storage / R&D
Phone: +45 91 92 18 50

Jon Børgesen
Senior Engineer
Phone: +45 31 38 41 01