Technology of tomorrow

Knowledge forms the basis of Aalborg CSP’s activities and makes us stand out from our competition. We place strong focus on R&D (Research & Development) and continuously walk new paths to create leading-edge technologies as well as to optimize existing systems.  For this purpose, we have developed strategic partnerships with different knowledge-based companies, educational institutions and take active part in research projects worldwide.

The purpose of our R&D activities is to change the way we produce energy today. Therefore, we strive to develop intelligent concepts and technologies contributing to cost reduction for our clients while increasing competitiveness of our solutions at the same time. Our globally unique Integrated Energy System and Thermal Energy Storage (latter one developed with EnergyNest AS) technologies are just some of our recent examples for innovation that confidently prove our relentless efforts to create technologies of tomorrow.

We also monitor and analyse performance track records of our systems as well as make studies to optimise existing technologies’ efficiency. Today we deliver the fourth generation of our steam generators (SGS4) for molten salt CSP power plants and the second generation of industrial-scale solar applications as a result of many years of operational experience.