Value-adding engineering design

Technologies designed to excel in operation, increase plant revenue and contribute to a greener future.

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We research & develop future energy technologies as well as optimize existing systems.

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From idea to reality

We realise project dreams and face no obstacles to transform customer ideas into viable projects on budget and on time.

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Financing, funds and loan guarantee fostering businesses all over the world to step on a greener path.

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Business Areas

Leakage-free Header-Coil heat exchangers designed to withstand high pressure, high duty and transient operation ensuring high long-term reliability and efficiency.

Header-Coil heat exchangers


Pit Thermal Energy Storages (PTES) enabling storing of excess energy generated by wind, sun or industrial processes for later use in district heating networks thus increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the heat supply.

Thermal Energy Storage (TES)


PTX technologies allow for the decoupling of power from the electricity sector for use in other energy-consuming sectors including district heating and transportation.

Power-to-X (PTX) technologies


Design and delivery of internationally recognized steam generation systems and solar tower receivers for CSP power plants.

CSP power plant technologies


Novel configuration of different renewable technologies that holistically satisfies dynamic energy needs while lowering costs at the same time.

Integrated Energy Systems


Lowering the energy costs of district heating by harvesting the sun in the most efficient way with concentrated solar power and flat solar panel technologies.

Solar district heating


Integrated heat pump systems tailored to fit individual energy needs for increased efficiency and system flexibility.
A heat pump can act as an independent stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing heat source.

Heat pump systems


Industrial-scale CSP technology to satisfy production of electricity, heating, process steam, cooling or fresh desalinated water in the most sustainable way.

Industrial solar technologies


Aalborg CSP places strong focus on R&D (Research and Development) and continuously walk new paths to create and innovate leading-edge technologies and solutions as well as to optimize and/or retrofit existing systems.

R&D activities


After sales and service agreements tailored to fit individual needs. Our after sales and service department handles a wide range of tasks, including repair of equipment, upgrade of existing systems as well as inspection and monitoring.

After Sales