Making projects happen

We assess our customers’ energy needs and we use the sun as starting point of our technology development. Whatever happens between the client needs and the sun is our job. Our core expertise is the ability to turn customer visions into viable projects – while lowering cost of energy at the same time.

Value creation in each stage of the project life-cycle

We develop and deliver state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, we bring value in each stage of the project life-cycle to deliver the individual best solution with highest efficiency, impeccable quality and reliability.

A pre-engineering study forms the essence of the project and transforms the idea and concept into a feasible project. Our world-class engineers determine technical and economical possibilities of a given system requirement and create a value-adding engineering design in order to provide significant savings.

Our project management expertise ensures a flawless and configurable transition to the commissioning stage, including detailed engineering work and selecting the appropriate suppliers who comply with project standards. As a result, we ensure delivery reliable on quality, budget and deadline commitments.

Aalborg CSP also constructs and commissions the given technology and depending on project requirements we assist with operation and maintenance as well.