High-temperature energy storage

High-temperature thermal energy storages contribute to securing a balanced and stable energy system with increased amounts of renewable, fluctuating energy. Aalborg CSP offers supply and installation of high temperature thermal energy storage systems such as power-to-salt (PTXSALT) systems for increased efficiency and flexibility.

High-temperature energy storage systems can be used to store excess energy from e.g., wind turbines, solar plants and industrial processes providing balancing power for the grid and increasing the value of the energy generated. It allows for utility companies and industries to maximize their electricity production during periods of peak demand, thereby allowing optimum levels of efficiency to be achieved. It offers the capability of dispatching electricity when needed without requiring the use of natural gas, thereby providing energy security during peak periods.

High-temperature energy storage is a valuable tool in the current Power-to-X (PTX) strategy allowing for excess energy to be repurposed or stored for later use. High-temperature thermal energy storage may furthermore form the basis of future conversions of existing Coal Fired Power Plants.


Peter Badstue Jensen
Executive Vice President
Integrated Energy Systems /
Thermal Energy Storage
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Hammam Soliman
Head of Department
Integrated Energy Systems
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