Header-Coil heat exchangers from Aalborg CSP are designed to withstand high pressure, high duty and transient operation. Unique design features and production techniques ensures a low approach point as well as high long-term reliability and efficiency. The patented Header-Coil design furthermore has a proven track record of 10 years leakage-free operation in different operating conditions resulting in higher availability and profitability.

High pressure and high duty applications with low approach point

Header-Coil heat exchangers from Aalborg CSP are designed to withstand thermal stresses and transient operation. The patented Header-Coil design absorbs thermal stress and thus reduces the thermal stress profile on the equipment eliminating the risk of leakages. Moreover, it provides higher performance due to higher heat transfer coefficient per ton of equipment enabled by the technology’s full counterflow design with high manufacturability allowing lower cost levels.

The patented design furthermore ensures a low approach point resulting in a higher thermal efficiency and allows for a better utilization of the pressure drop.

Customized solutions for high thermal performance and reliability

Aalborg CSP has more than 30 years of experience within thermal engineering designing and developing various types of boiler equipment. Today, our Header-Coil heat exchangers can be found in power plants and heat exchanger operations (in particular CSP-plants) around the world, where they ensure exceptional thermal performance and high reliability as well as leakage-free operation.

We customize our heat exchanger and steam generator solutions to fit individual needs and requirements to ensure the most reliable performance. Regardless of industry or application, our world-class engineers aim to design a solution that excel in operation and increase plant revenue. We work closely together with our customers to design the optimal solution tailored to match and solve specific challenges.

The Aalborg CSP heat exchangers and steam generator systems are all based on the Header-Coil technology, which is inspired by traditional boiler technology. They are 100% welded, designed according to ASME and EN standards calculated by heat exchanger norms equivalent to and compliant with TEMA. This eliminates leakages and significantly reduces the number of failures (to close to zero) over the lifetime expectancy of the equipment resulting in high availability and low operation and maintenance cost.