Alfa Laval Aalborg Header-coil specializes in durable heat exchanger and steam generation solutions engineered to withstand thermal stresses, transient operations, and cyclical load patterns, making them ideal for CSP, energy storage, and Power-to-X plants.

As the need for dependable and efficient heat exchanger solutions continues to grow alongside the importance of energy storage, our heat exchangers and steam generators, based on the innovative header-coil technology, offer high long-term reliability and efficiency. They are 100% welded, designed according to ASME and EN standards calculated by heat exchanger norms equivalent to and compliant with TEMA.

Enhanced Reliability

The patented Header-Coil design effectively absorbs thermal stress, minimizing equipment strain and eliminating leakage risks. Moreover, unique design features and production techniques ensures a low approach point as well as high long-term reliability and thermal efficiency.

Key Benefits

    High pressure and high duty applications
    Enhanced performance with a low approach point
    Long-term reliability
    High thermal efficiency
    Leakage-free design
    Maximizes availability and operational profitability
    Reduced operation and maintenance costs

Merging Expertise for Innovative Solutions

Through a strategic partnership, Aalborg CSP and Alfa Laval have established Alfa Laval Aalborg Header-coil A/S, bringing together Alfa Laval's expertise in heat transfer technology design and Aalborg CSP's proficiency in boiler design and renewable energy systems. Together, we are dedicated to meeting the global demand for reliable heat exchangers and salt systems tailored for long-duration energy storage applications.