Value-adding engineering design

Defining the right engineering design is a crucial step in the life-cycle of energy systems and technologies. It transforms the concept into a feasible project, determines economical and technical possibilities and impacts efficiency of construction as well as operation and maintenance requirements for at least 25 years of the system lifetime.

A design that is perfectly adjusted to project requirements will enhance technical, financial and environmental benefits of a given technology. These three main criteria form the building blocks of our value-adding design concept.

Regardless of the business segment we serve, our world-class engineers aim to design a solution that excel in operation, increase plant revenue and contribute to a greener future at all times.

Operational excellence

We utilize best practices and tested concepts to ensure that our technologies deliver on promises and reliably operate with low maintenance requirements. Our performance track records confidently prove that solutions delivered by Aalborg CSP are guaranteed to perform as expected.

Increasing plant revenue

It is a fundamental principle in our engineering design to lower cost of energy for our customers. Even if this means to go beyond standard specifications, our experts aim to suggest solutions that reduce both CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operational expenditure) in system design as well as create optimised system performance.

Contributing to a greener future

With a vision to change the way we produce energy today, our aim is to design solutions that will accelerate the world’s renewable energy transition. We do that by continuous product development in order to make more competitive green energy solutions.