Coal conversion with molten salt

Phasing out the use of coal in e.g., electricity generation is a key factor in tackling climate change. Conversion of the world’s coal fired power plants into renewable energy hubs by means of molten salt thermal energy storages is one way of doing so and is considered a highly bankable solution for Power-to-Salt (PTXSALT).  

Rather than demolishing all coal fired power plants in both Europe and globally over the coming decades, it is, by means of PTXSALT molten salt energy storage, possible to convert the existing plants into profitable producers of green and sustainable energy. A molten salt storage can be used as a scalable grid-based energy storage, which is considered an important tool in securing a balanced energy system.  Excess electricity is stored in molten salt during periods of surplus in the grid and discharged, when the supply is low and the demand high.

Recycling of existing infrastructure and creating green jobs

Parts of the existing infrastructure can be reused. This includes, among other things, the steam turbine, generators, condensing heat exchangers and water treatment equipment plants as well as high value components for switching, transforming, and transmitting high voltage power. To facilitate a complete replacement of a coal-fired boiler unit, an electric heated molten salt heater and two molten salt storage tanks with integrated steam generation systems must be installed.

The system can furthermore be expanded and integrated with other technologies and plants including, but not limited to:

  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants
  • PV (Photo voltaic) plants
  • Hydrogen plants
  • Electrolysis
  • Fuel enhancement production of Methanol by combination of Hydrogen with CO2
  • Thermal desalination

Furthermore, existing jobs at the previous coal fired power plants can be converted to green jobs for operation and maintenance of the future Power-to-Salt (PTXSALT) plants.


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Thermal Energy Storage
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