Solar tower receiver - direct steam generation

Aalborg CSP A/S is a key developer of direct steam solar tower receivers - tested and proven by a variety of demo and fully operational commercial CSP plants in the world.


Value-adding engineering design

The solar tower receiver developed by Aalborg CSP is a state-of-the-art technology for the production of saturated and superheated steam within the CSP power plant. As the heart of the solar plant, the central receiver converts the concentrated solar energy into high temperature steam to produce green-electricity.

The unique aspects of the Aalborg CSP solar tower receiver design is rooted in the company’s long history with traditional boiler development. The steam drum within the receiver is designed according to specific standards for steam boilers. This contributes to multiple operational benefits which together create high steam purity, increased efficiency along with low investment and maintenance costs:

  • Natural steam circulation: To achieve best performance, the steam systems use natural circulation thereby eliminate the use of forced pumping. The natural circulation ensures the most economic operation of the system and secures the highest heat flux per m2 possible.
  • No heat transfer fluid: The steam is heated directly without any kind of heat transfer fluid.
  • Rapid ramp-up: A special steam injection system secures a safe and fast startup for all components.
  • Reliable operation: Flex and stress calculations of all elements are conducted in order to design the hangers and pipe stresses, securing safe and reliable operation throughout the lifetime of the system.

Constructability & easy installation

The general principle of constructability characterizes the design of our tower receiver systems to minimize installation work on site and the economies associated with it. The direct steam receivers are all developed to perfectly fit into the tower design. They are prepared for direct mounting on site, and interconnection piping is also pre-fabricated to reduce the time spent on installation.

Technology of tomorrow

Aalborg CSP A/S places great emphasis on monitoring performance track records of its technologies in order to continuously optimise their effectiveness. As our design relies on conventional boiler standards and applies natural steam circulation, it has the potential to increase the overall effectiveness by 10%. As a testament to this, Aalborg CSP has conducted a pre-engineering study for an existing central receiver in Spain and delivered the technology as a result. After installation, the 10MWe receiver was able to produce 11MWe.

Secured to be delivered

As a Danish company, Aalborg CSP A/S has the advantage of arranging loan guarantee through a Danish state owned export credit agency. The agency insures banks against the potential financial and political risks – thereby securing the loan and delivery of our solar tower receivers without financial obstacles.


Peter Badstue Jensen
Executive Vice President
Integrated Energy Systems /
Thermal Energy Storage
Phone: +45 21 60 87 03

Hammam Soliman
Head of Department
Integrated Energy Systems
Phone: +45 91 92 18 50