Aalborg CSP developed and supplied 5 x 50MWe steam generating systems for concentrated solar powered parabolic trough plants in Spain.


Boiler type:  50MWe standard double line
Design pressure:     120 barg
Capacity:50MWe or 202T/h

Over a period of three years, Aalborg CSP developed and supplied five steam generation systems for concentrated solar power parabolic trough plants located within Europe’s largest solar complex in Spain. Each plant produces 50MW, enough electricity to satisfy the power needs of 25,700 households. 
Aalborg CSP’s scope included design, engineering, procurement, total installation and commissioning of the equipment from the first and second configuration of the company’s steam generation technology. 

Scope of  supply: 

  • Evaporator units (incl. steam drums)
  • Economizers, superheaters, reheater
  • Piping gallery (valves, drain, headers etc.) 
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Design and P&I diagrams
  • 3D model
  • Steel structure
  • Strength and flex calculations
  • Documentation
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning
  • Legalization of the plant