Aalborg CSP received an order from Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme and VEKS to design and deliver a insulating lid for a Pit Thermal Energy Storage (PTES) system in Høje Taastrup, Denmark. Unique design features ensures a lower heat loss inside the PTES contributing to both increased efficiency and  reliability of the storage.


Client:       Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme and VEKS
Location:    Høje Taastrup, Denmark
Status:    Under construction
Technology:     PTES lid solution
Area - PTES lid:     11,000 m2
Expected lifetime:     25 years

The 70,000mPTES in Høje Taastrup is a thermal storage functioning as a thermal battery with a capacity of 3,300 MWh. The thermal battery is charged by heat from the transmission grid and discharged to the district heating network when the demand for heating increases. The heat is stored, when the price on heating is low and is utilized later on, when the price for heating increases.

The unique lid design used in Høje Taastrup prevents moisture accumulation and enables easier dewatering of the surface ensuring lower heat loss and contributing to higher efficiency and reliability of the complete energy system. The 11,000 m2 lid in Høje Taastrup is divided into 10 sections and thus includes 10 pumping wells, which will lead rainwater away from the surface of the storage.