Aalborg CSP developed and delivered a receiver system for a 5MWt tower demonstration plant for the production of saturated and superheated steam. 


Client: Undisclosed
Location: Turkey
Status: Operational

5 MWt tower demonstration plant 

The receiver consists of an evaporator and a superheater. To fit the 140° solar field, the evaporator receiver is angled to optimize the absorption from the solar field. The solar system consists of 250 heliostats and a 30 meter high steel solar tower. 

Aalborg CSP was responsible for design and engineering, procurement and technical assistance during installation, and commissioning of the delivery. The scope of supply included: steam drum incl. valves, solar tower receiver, condenser, feed water pump and feed water control valve, chemical dosing pumping unit with tank, water treatment plant, demineralized water storage tank with make-up water pump, deaerator, safety valves on steam drum and steam line, instruments, control system and fail safe PLC, transportation to site (Turkey), technical assistance during installation/commissioning.


Peter Badstue Jensen
Executive Vice President
Integrated Energy Systems /
Thermal Energy Storage
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Hammam Soliman
Senior Sales and R&D Manager
Integrated Energy Systems /
Thermal Energy Storage / R&D
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