Aalborg CSP places strong focus on R&D (Research and Development) and continuously walk new paths to create and innovate leading-edge technologies and solutions as well as to optimize and/or retrofit existing systems. The purpose of our R&D activities is to change the way we produce energy today. We strive to develop intelligent concepts and technologies contributing to efficient cost reduction for our clients while increasing competitiveness of our solutions at the same time. 

Our core expertise is the ability to turn green energy visions into viable projects. Besides designing and supplying full-scale energy systems, we also place strong focus on R&D with pilot and test facility activities. We take active part in research projects worldwide with the aim of developing the energy technologies of tomorrow. We conduct feasibility studies to help clients determine the feasibility of their projects as well as perform continuous optimization studies to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of both our own and our client’s existing systems and technologies.

We offer assistance in each stage of the project life-cycle to deliver the individual best solution with highest efficiency, impeccable quality and reliability – from research and development to feasibility study and pre-engineering through installation and commissioning to operation and maintenance.

Lowering the cost of energy

We offer feasibility and pre-engineering studies to help determine the techno-economic viability and possibilities of a given system requirement. As part of this, we develop conceptual designs and system layouts to provide our customers with an overview of the different solutions available that matches their energy requirements and geographical location and provide significant cost reductions.

We partner with knowledge-based companies and institutions to create new innovative technologies to find new ways to lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for dispatchable and renewable energy. Our globally unique Integrated Energy System technology is just one example of innovation that confidently prove our relentless efforts to create the technologies of tomorrow.