Aalborg CSP received the order to design and deliver the steam generator system for the Godawari 50+MWe CSP plant in India. 


Kunde:      Lauren CCL Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
End user:     Godawari Green Energy Limited
Location:   Rajasthan, India
Status:   Operational
Technology:      Steam generation system
Capacity:   50+MWe
Contract type:   EP
Design code:   ASME

India's first commercial CSP plant

The Godawari 50+MWe Plant is the first commercial CSP plant of India and produces appr. 130 GWh green electricity annually. It is also the first one in the world to utilize key features of the third configuration of the Aalborg CSP steam generation system - a system designed to carry high bankability potential. 

Award-winning technology

The award-winning steam generation technology provides operational benefits such as fast start-up, guaranteed leakage-free operation and low maintenance requirements. By reducing downtime - productivity, electricity earning and the general payback time of the power plant are greatly improved. The fast ramp-up can ensure more than 30 minutes extra operation on a normal 9 hour day, thereby increasing energy production by 5%. 


  • Design and delivery of Evaporator units (incl. steam drums)
  • Design and delivery of Economizers, superheaters, reheater
  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Design and quality assurance

Mr. JP Tiwari, CEO of Godawari Green Energy Limited

The innovative Aalborg CSP design for the steam generating equipment helps the Godawari CSP project meet the required production goals"


Jens Taggart Pelle
Vice President of Technical Sales
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CSP Power Plant technologies
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