The DESOLINATION project aims at efficiently coupling the low-grade waste heat of two different Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) cycles to an innovative desalination system based on Forward-Osmosis (FO).

DESOLINATION is an extract/abbreviation of the following: Demonstration of concentrated solar power coupled with advanced desalination system in the gulf region.

The demonstration plant in Saudi Arabia already hosts a 100kWe air Bryton cycle that will be coupled with the innovative forward osmosis desalination system developed in the project. Moreover, to take the future and most efficient cycles into account, a 1MWe CO2 blends power cycle will be installed on-site and demonstrated alongside the existing power plant. More than 2300 hours of on-site testing is planned to assess the CSP and desalination technologies and to optimize their efficiencies. To learn more, please visit the DESOLINATION website.

Aalborg CSP’s scope

Aalborg CSP is leading the first work package (WP1). In WP1,the general and main specifications of the project are to be determined and validated through the project’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This includes power cycle size and integration scheme, solar resource availability, thermal power characterization from the existing CSP plant (amount of heat and heat transfer fluid), available land for the prototype, seawater characterization, definition of subsystems efficiencies (i.e. heat exchangers), purity of the produced water, and brine concentration requirements.


Client/Funding Source: The European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101022686m
Technology: Solar thermal + supercritical CO2 + FO desalination
Capacity: 2 MWe
Scope of Supply: Detailed engineering of integrated energy systems
Timeframe: 2020-2024


Hammam Soliman
Head of Department
Integrated Energy Systems
Phone: +45 91 92 18 50

Miguel Herrador Moreno
Senior Sales and R&D Manager
Phone: +34 625 174 010