Both high- and low temperature storage technologies are key in securing a stable and cost-effective energy supply in the future and likewise, vital in creating balance between supply and demand.

Aalborg CSP has worked with high- and low temperature storage technologies for years and is considered an expert in designing systems, which integrate thermal energy storage with various renewable energy systems and solutions. Aalborg CSP offers supply and installation of both low temperature storage solutions such as Pit Thermal Energy Storages (PTES) and high temperature systems such as power-to-salt (PTXSALT) systems.

High- and low temperature energy storages allow for industries and utility companies to store and/or repurpose excess energy, thereby creating stability and flexibility in the energy system.

Excess heat or electricity from wind turbines, solar-, biomass-, or PV plants as well as energy from the process industry can be transferred and stored, thereby offering a much-needed flexibility to the volatile energy system. The energy stays within the same sector or is converted and repurposed within other sectors e.g., district heating or transportation – a process referred to as Power-to-X (PTX).

The future energy storage technologies

Since 2009, Aalborg CSP has participated in various storage R&D projects and studies in collaboration with carefully selected R&D partners to test and identify alternative storage technologies, which can be commercialised and thereby provide a lower cost of energy. In other words, technologies that are both easily scalable awhile still being competitive towards battery storage solutions.