Quality assurance

Aalborg CSP work according to a quality management system certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

See our ISO 9001 certificate

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Our aim is to continuously strive for increased customer satisfaction, prevention of failure and effective work processes by improving our certified quality management system.
The quality system is continuously updated so it reflects the current strategies and targets specific upcoming projects. 

Our objectives for the quality system:

  • Meet our customer demands and expectations regarding quality and delivery time
  • Ensure rational and cost-effective work processes in the company that result in high quality of our products and services

We will achieve this, through the following quality activities:

  • Design and manufacture according to agreed specifications
  • Select suppliers based on their ability to deliver the required quality and for their willingness to cooperate to ensure a value adding interaction
  • Systematic follow-up on suppliers' performance throughout the project
  • Perform external and internal audits
  • To implement corrective and preventive actions if a quality problem arises