Solar tower receiver - molten salt

Molten salt CSP plants are becoming trendsetters within the solar industry due to their great energy storage capability and Aalborg CSP is proud to be among those few pioneers who shape the future of this groundbreaking renewable energy technology. Focusing on best practices from steam boiler and tower receiver projects around the world, our proven and tested molten salt tower receiver has become a flagship within the industry.


Value-adding engineering design

The molten salt tower receiver designed by Aalborg CSP consists of a tube wall heat exchanger that converts redirected solar flux into thermal energy, by heating the cold salt from the cold salt storage tank and returning the heated salt to the hot salt storage tank. During this process, the tower receiver is capable of exchanging nearly 300ºC degrees, thereby achieving up to 565ºC.

Fully optimized system

The molten salt receiver is fully optimized to the heliostat requirements to ensure the best cost/benefit solution. It is developed with top-quality engineering precision to secure an uninterrupted heat flow at all times and under different solar conditions. It is capable of adjusting the flow based on the available incident power, to withstand pressure in any working condition, and to maximize the amount of molten salt heated to the highest temperature.

To meet high demands on equipment reliability and lifetime of the components, the molten salt tower receiver takes into account the impact of adverse factors such as the fatigue life loss of daily starts/stops against metal materials and the thermal shock of transient weather variations on the heating surface.

Constructability & easy installation

The general principle of constructability characterizes the design of our tower receiver systems to minimize installation work on site and the economies associated with it. The molten salt receivers are all developed to perfectly fit into the tower design. They are prepared for direct mounting on site, and interconnection piping is also pre-fabricated to reduce the time spent on installation.


Peter Badstue Jensen
Executive Vice President
Integrated Energy Systems /
Thermal Energy Storage
Phone: +45 21 60 87 03

Hammam Soliman
Head of Department
Integrated Energy Systems
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