The history of Aalborg CSP is rooted in the development of traditional gas- and oil-fired boilers. This experience has allowed us to enter the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry in 2007 as suppliers of different boiler equipment.

To meet the solar industry's demands for high reliability, we changed our boiler design and developed a product that has quickly positioned us among globally leading steam generator suppliers within the CSP power plant segment. Since then, our boilers have been used in some of the most efficient CSP power plants around the world. These include thermal oil and molten salt parabolic trough plants, and direct steam and molten salt tower plants. We have delivered several steam producing equipment in Spain, India, China and the Middles East and North Africa region.

Since our entry to the CSP market, our steam generator technology has won multiple international awards, due to our continuous product optimization efforts. Today we offer the 4th generation of our steam generator technology, that we call SGS4. This technology is specifically designed to meet emerging market expectations for molten salt technologies within the CSP power plant segment. Using molten salt as heat transfer fluid allows the solar plant to reach up to 24/7 on-demand power generation – a renewable energy trend that Aalborg CSP is proud to be a part of.

Even though our business areas have expanded over the years and we have grown from component suppliers into project developers, CSP power plants are still one of our main customers and even today, we are still delivering our steam producing components to some of the most efficient CSP power plants around the world.