A service agreement including lifetime surveillance provides you with the data necessary to ensure a high performance at all times.

Lifetime surveillance for long-term high performance

Operation and maintenance factors such as long term overheating, exceeding temperature gradients for the material, fluid condition and operation patter may decrease the expected lifetime of plants operating at high temperatures and with high pressures. Each incident will shave minutes, hours, or days off the designed lifetime and ultimately cause failure.

Lifetime surveillance allows you to monitor a plant’s critical components to prevent and eliminate unwanted incidents and failures. Lifetime surveillance includes monitoring the temperature and pressure in selected components, reviewing the operation and maintenance, inspection and possibly NDT check. If utilized correctly, lifetime surveillance will minimize the number of safety issues and breakdowns ensuring a less troublesome operation, while also contributing to an increase in the plant’s expected lifetime. 

Real time surveillance of equipment lifetime

  • Hardware/software
  • Sensors installed on critical component
  • Software to monitor and calculate real time data
  • Available real time reports on lifetime status

Review and follow-up

  • Monthly review of selected data and events
  • Monthly review on performed maintenance (maintenance reports, water treatment etc.)
  • Monthly report based on review and findings

Site visit and inspection

  • Annual site visit and inspection of equipment (e.g., internal inspection of steam drum)
  • Interview with operation and maintenance personnel.
  • Visit report with findings, recommendations etc.


  • Ad hoc or as required: inspection, NDT e.g., replica of components in case of plant incidents. 

We offer lifetime surveillance on our own technologies and solutions as well as on others’. The latter will, however, require more work such as calculation programming.