Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP, will be one of the key speakers at the award-winning MENASOL 2015 conference. His speech will introduce different regional and industry factors determining concentrated solar power (CSP) competitiveness in the MENA region.

According to an optimistic study carried out by solar and environmental industry groups, CSP could satisfy up to 7% of the world's energy needs by 2030, and 25% by 2050[1]. As the technology is best utilised in countries with great land availability and outstanding solar radiation, the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region is an ideal market to enhance CSP development and to contribute to the 2050 vision to a great extent. Different plant optimisation practices are required in MENA to achieve levelised cost of energy (LCOE) reduction - a key measure determining competitiveness and thereby the future of CSP at a global level. However, these practices are not without challenges.

Harsh weather conditions in the MENA region's desert landscape challenge cost-efficient technology deployment. Extensive dust, sand and heat require larger operation and maintenance work leading to higher costs (OPEX). "Selecting technologies with higher availability, reduced downtime requirements and easy-to-use operational philosophies is one way to counter with O&M expenses associated with geographical characteristics", says Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP.

At the same time, OPEX expenses are not single-handedly responsible for the overall plant performance. A sensitivity analysis carried out by CSP Today showcases that performance increase and also CAPEX reduction play an even more significant role in improving LCOE of CSP plants. According to the calculation, +5% performance contributes to -4.47% LCOE, whereas -5% CAPEX results in -4.29% LCOE.

"Both performance increase and CAPEX reduction are dependent on the CSP market dynamics in general. Regardless of the region, it is frequently seen that technical specifications are often standardised data sheets that have been repeatedly applied in bidding processes for many years. This has the tendency to block value creation in new project development.

With design parameters adequate to traditional power boiler principles, we are able to reduce CAPEX of steam generation systems by up to 35%. This, together with operational benefits of our SGS3 steam generation system that also lower OPEX, significantly improves levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of the plant", added the CEO.

Hear the speech at MENASOL 2015

Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP will be one of the key speakers at the award winning 7th Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference and Expo (MENASOL 2015) held in Dubai, on 13-14 May, 2015. His speech titled "Where regional and industry challenges blend" will be presented on the second day of the conference in the "From the solar field to the power block" panel session between 14:30-15:55.

As a company that is dedicated to reduce LCOE of CSP plants, Aalborg CSP will at the exhibition demonstrate the simplicity of optimised technology development for  steam generation systems, solar tower receivers  and  thermal energy storage (TES) technologies. All visitors are invited to stop by booth no. 2 to meet senior representatives from Aalborg CSP.


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[1] "Concentrated Solar Power Global Outlook 09: Why renewable energy is hot", published by Greenpeace International, SolarPaces and ESTELA; source: