Aalborg CSP A/S

Aalborg CSP A/S is a world leader in concentrated solar power (CSP)

boiler systems and technologies. Our core business areas are

design and delivery of: 


Meet Aalborg CSP at the Career Day in Aalborg
Aalborg CSP will be exhibiting at the Career Day in Aalborg on 3 March 2015...

We have several job opportunities for students and experienced professionals. See our vacancies here.

A globally known renewable technology that combines solar and thermal energies to create high temperatures that drive a steam turbine to generate electricity.

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Our globally recognized solutions within the CSP industry are based on 25 years of experience with traditional steam boilers uniquely adapted to the CSP industry. 

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The Aalborg CSP engineering approach is centred on a value-adding concept to design solutions that perform beyond standard specifications.

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