Aalborg CSP A/S

Aalborg CSP A/S is the result of the merger between the EPC company
BK Aalborg A/S and the engineering company BK Engineering A/S.

Our core business areas are design and delivery of:


Innovation ability in EPC contracts is essential to secure the future of CSP in South Africa
A paradigm shift in EPC contracts is vital to avoid standardized specifications in the selection of technology providers and to provide room for innovation ability....

We are currently looking for a Thermal Sales Engineer, but Unsolicited applications are also welcome.

With 25 years of experience within the steam generator technology, Aalborg CSP has become a world leader in developing and supplying steam generators for utility size CSP plants and delivering module CSP systems for industrial size.

Design and supply of custom made steam boilers and superheaters for power and process purposes for industrial use.
The engineering department of Aalborg CSP A/S supplies engineering services and QA for boiler- and solar plants as well as services to industrial customers within energy field, Danish Defence and marine installations.