For the second year in a row Aalborg CSP received this prestigious award, in recognition of the quality of the company's SGS3 steam generation technology.

The Indiasol Awards are granted to companies that excel in the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry and that are committed to develop it further in the country. In this regard, Aalborg CSP has supplied the SGS3 steam generation system to the Godawari 50+MWe plant (the first to go online within the established timeframes) and to the Cargo 25 MWe plant.

More than a year of operations has provided Aalborg CSP with the experience to successfully operate in India. As testament to this, Godawari Green Energy Limited (GGEL) has recently concluded performance track records for the SGS3 system. They have demonstrated flawless and reliable operation standards, while meeting the expected steam production targets with no maintenance requirements. Furthermore, the award-winning SGS3 system complies with the cost reduction criteria determined by the Indian Government's National Solar Mission.

Aalborg CSP's steam systems are developed based on traditional boiler principles (ASME and EN standard), not as ordinary heat exchangers (TEMA standard). Therefore they are 100% welded header and coil type with up to 4.5mm thick tubes. The SGS3 technology eliminates leakages, avoiding unnecessary maintenance and system downtime. It ensures a rapid ramp-up and increases daily revenue accordingly. Furthermore, it guarantees a low pressure drop of 1-2 bar on the heat transfer fluid (HTF) side and reduces parasitic losses as a result. These main design elements together reduce the O&M costs and lower the CAPEX of the system.

The Indiasol award was announced as part of the Indiasol 2014 conference, hosted on 8-9October 2014 in New Delhi (India), where Aalborg CSP participated as a global exhibitor.

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