Aalborg CSP has signed a cooperation agreement with the world’s largest manufacturer of flat solar-thermal panels, the Austrian company GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie Gmbh. With this agreement, Aalborg CSP brings high quality solar panels with a 10-year warranty to all solar heating projects in and outside of Denmark.

With the signing of the agreement, Aalborg CSP aims to offer the most cost-competitive solution for solar heating projects in Denmark and abroad. GREENoneTEC is the largest supplier of solar-thermal collectors in the world with an annual output of up to 1,000,000 m2 flat plate collectors, serving more than 40 different countries worldwide. The collectors are manufactured in fully automated  production facilities in Klagenfurt, Austria.

In addition to having successful cooperation with other respected Danish flat panel suppliers, the agreement enables Aalborg CSP to offer the most economical solar-thermal technology tailored to individual project requirements. This includes combination plants utilizing the company’s core concentrated solar power (CSP) technology with flat panels, as well as conventional stand-alone flat panel systems.

Denmark is a pioneer in cost-efficient, green district heating systems. In order to remain at the forefront, the market must be provided with the latest advanced technologies at the lowest possible cost” – says Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP. “With GREENoneTEC as fellow player on the market, we will be able to achieve even lower energy prices for the consumers, while increasing the efficiency and the reliability of the district heating facilities", the CEO adds.

Best performance in international tests

As a result of the collaboration agreement, Aalborg CSP places GREENoneTEC’s single - and double glazed GK 3003 collectors on its solar district heating portfolio – ready for installation from 2016. The 13,3m2 optimized collectors have shown best performance of all known large-scale collectors on the international market. The mounting system, which permits time-saving installation by crane, and the hydraulic connection considerably reduce the overall time and effort required to install the system.

The 10-year guarantee on the collectors also sets a new standard on the long-term quality and reliability of solar systems. With an annual production capacity of 1,6 million m2, GREENoneTEC guarantees the necessary manufacture to fulfil all production requirements from Aalborg CSP.

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