Aalborg CSP A/S, a Danish renewable energy and storage specialist, received a new order for turnkey delivery of a customized 1.2 MW integrated electrical heat pump system to Saltum Fjernvarme in Denmark. With the new system in Saltum, Denmark, Aalborg CSP continues its deployment of new projects with customized solutions based on the most efficient technologies tailored to fit individual energy needs – a solution range which is now extended to also include heat pump systems.

In recent years, large electrical air-to-water based heat pumps have been established as a key technology within the Danish district heating industry as an increasing number of utility companies have integrated heat pumps as an important supplement to their existing district heating supply.

By incorporating electrically powered heat pumps in the district heating supply, higher levels of renewable energy can be utilized for thermal purposes creating integration and balance between energy systems. With a growing wind turbine capacity all over the world, large heat pumps will play a significant role in the continued global green energy transition as well as in Denmark’s quest to phase out fossil fuels by 2050.

Customized solution and high efficiency

Aalborg CSP received the order from the Danish district heating plant, Saltum Fjernvarme to deliver a 1.2 MW electrical air-to-water integrated heat pump system, which will increase the reduction of the facility’s natural gas dependency as well as stabilize the energy prices towards the customers. The system in Saltum will use outdoor air as the source for heat production in order to supply sustainable heating to 370 customers in the town of Saltum.

“We have the flexibility to match individual energy requirements with the right systems and technologies – such as a solar-thermal system, a heat pump or a combination. When entering a project, first step for us is always to understand the client’s energy needs in order to match them with the right technology and thus propose the most value-adding solutions. In Saltum, the client’s temperature and energy needs favored a heat pump system.” - says Jes Donneborg, Executive Vice President of the Aalborg CSP Solar Thermal Plant division.

The system is customized to fit the district heating plant’s specific energy needs with a high efficiency (COP) thus lowering the cost of energy. With a capacity of 1.2 MW at 0 °C, the plant is capable of producing 8,000 MWh heat annually, thereby covering approx. 80% of the customers’ heat consumption.

When asked, why Aalborg CSP was selected for this project, chairman of Saltum Fjernvarme Ole Hejlesen responds: “During the entire bidding and negotiation process, Aalborg CSP has been very attentive of our needs and easy to work with. Furthermore, the solution from Aalborg CSP gives us the best long-term financial returns, which benefits our district heating consumers.”


Project Facts:

  • Client: Saltum Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.
  • Location: Saltum, Denmark
  • No. of customers: 370
  • Technology: Integrated air-to-water heat pump system
  • Capacity of the plant: 1200 KW
  • Annual energy production: 8,000 MWh heat/year
  • Suppliers: Aalborg CSP A/S in collaboration with Innoterm and Frontmatec
  • Scope of supply: Turnkey delivery of integrated heat pump system, installations and building.
  • Maximum temperature: 72 ºC
  • Expected system lifetime: 20 years
  • CO2 savings: 1.150 tons/year equaling approx. 70%

Press contact:

Sofie Lambrechtsen Larsen
Marketing and Communication Coordinator, Aalborg CSP
Phone: +45 88 16 88 47
E-mail: sll@aalborgcsp.com


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