RE-INVEST aims to overcome the silo-thinking that characterizes traditional energy sectors and thereby achieve a sustainable or 100% renewable energy system.

RE-INVEST is a 4-year project. The purpose is to develop novel methodologies and innovative solutions to pitch the renewable energy transition as part of the Danish Energy Outlook. With strategy inputs from universities, industrial, societal, and energy investment partners, Aalborg CSP A/S investigated different solutions that support the goal of phasing out the remaining coal-fired power plants (CPP) in Denmark.

Aalborg CSP’s scope

Aalborg CSP role in the project included:

  • Project Management.
  • Development of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions for grid integration
  • Design of the integrated system that will support the conversion of the coal-fired power plants into green energy hubs
  • Engineering and drawing of system layouts and proposals
  • Performance modelling based on historical electricity and heat prices.


Hammam Soliman
Head of Department
Integrated Energy Systems
Phone: +45 91 92 18 50

Miguel Herrador Moreno
Senior Sales and R&D Manager
Phone: +34 625 174 010