Aalborg CSP conducted a comprehensive techno-economical pre-feasibility study (PFS).

The study aimed to investigate the feasibility of utilizing a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant – more specifically a solar tower for direct steam generation - to operate and support the demand for a multi-revenue energy and water desalination plant in Midland, Texas, USA. The CSP plant makes it possible for the client to produce fresh water and cooling as well as to produce and sell electricity to the grid. If proven feasible, the CSP plant will include a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solution enabling energy production after sundown or during peak periods.

Aalborg CSP’s scope

Aalborg CSP was within this study project responsible for the integration of solar technologies and energy systems. Moreover, the company provided simulations of several virtual demos, including simulations of the integration of solar energy, the power block, and the desalination block. Additionally, research collaboration was established with Aalborg University (AAU). A water sample from Texas was received and analysed at the Department of Chemical Engineering at AAU and results hereof were used in Aalborg CSP’s thermodynamic simulations. The outcome of the project was a full PFS report.


Client/Funding Source: Non-disclosed
Technology: CSP - Solar Tower - DSG
Capacity: 60 MWe - 100 MWe
Scope of Supply: Pre-feasibility study report and technical/financial analysis
Timeframe: 2020-2021


Hammam Soliman
Head of Department
Integrated Energy Systems
Phone: +45 91 92 18 50


Miguel Herrador Moreno
Senior Sales and R&D Manager
Phone: +34 625 174 010