Feasibility and pre-engineering studies

A feasibility or pre-engineering study forms the essence of a project and transforms the idea and concept into a feasible project. It provides a realistic and pragmatic view of what is possible and what is not and paves the way for a successful project development. Aalborg CSP offers feasibility and pre-engineering studies to help determine the viability of a project vision as well as to investigate the potential of a specific technology combination and ultimately present the individual best possible solution.

Turning client visions into reality is our passion and the driving force of our everyday life. We assist our clients in each stage of the project life cycle to deliver the individual best possible solution with the highest efficiency, impeccable quality, and reliability – from concept development in the feasibility study stage to final installation and commissioning.

Matching the client’s energy requirements with the right technology

Aalborg CSP offers comprehensive feasibility and pre-engineering studies to help determine the viability of a project and to provide an overview of the different possibilities and technology combinations that matches the client’s energy requirements. During this stage, our expert engineers help determine the technical and financial possibilities of a given system requirement and create a value-adding engineering design and solution to provide significant savings. We conduct technical as well as financial analyses and evaluations of proposed projects as well as develop conceptual designs and system layouts.

Based on field studies, analyses and modelling, the actual integrated energy system solution is developed matching the individual energy requirements with the right technology or combination of technologies. Depending on the client’s individual energy needs (e.g. heating, steam, electricity, desalination, cooling etc.) temperature requirement, storage need, solar resources, geographical location, climate, etc. solutions can be combined from Aalborg CSP’s technology portfolio.

Early feasibility involvement leading to large scale project realisation

Aalborg CSP has extensive experience conducting feasibility and pre-engineering studies for commercial projects. Likewise, we have implemented both pilot and test plants for a wide variety of energy projects.

Our experience within this field has allowed us to work on a number of innovative and globally unique projects. On several occasions, we have managed to identify and quantify secondary and tertiary revenue streams that has turned the given project development from failure to great success. This once again emphasises the importance of feasibility and pre-engineering studies.

Our integrated energy system project for Sundrop Farms as well as our globally unique CSP system delivered to Brønderslev Forsyning are just some of the examples of how early feasibility and pre-engineering involvement and strong collaboration can lead visions and concepts to large scale project realisation.