Aalborg CSP received an order from the Danish utility and energy supply company SK Forsyning to deliver a 8 MWth solar heating plant consisting of flat solar-thermal collectors. The system is integrated with an existing biomass boiler for a more flexible energy supply.


Client:       SK Forsyning
Location:    Korsør/Halsskov, Denmark
Status:    Operational
Technology:     Solar-thermal plant
Capacity:    8MWth
Contract type:    EPC

Customized solution for optimum energy utilization

The 11,733m2 solar district heating system consists of 74 rows of highly efficient double-glazed flat solar-thermal collectors. The 74 rows of collectors are capable of producing 6,500 MWh heat annually and provide the district heating plant's 5,000 customers with sustainable heating. The system is adapted to fit the district heating plant’s specific temperature set and energy needs and is therefore optimized for high return temperature as well as low average temperature. Likewise, the system is designed to run low-temperature operation enabling the heating plant’s biomass boiler to be used as a temperature booster. 

Optimal use of available land

The solar field is divided in two in order to keep the required distance to a historic burial mound. Aalborg CSP re-designed the entire solar field layout, piping, etc. to keep the necessary distance. As a result, the solar panels are located both north, south and west of the burial mound to make room for the necessary number of panels required for providing the desired amount of energy.


  • Design and delivery of flat panels solar system 
  • Design and delivery of pipping 
  • Design and delivery of civil works
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • P&I diagrams and control system
  • 3D model
  • Strength and flex calculations
  • Documentation
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning
  • Legalization of the plant


Andreas Zourellis
VP Sales - International
District heating / industrial solar technologies
Phone: +45 50 30 00 25 
E-mail: azo@aalborgcsp.com