Aalborg CSP was awarded the contract to design and deliver a 6.8MWth combination plant consisting of a CSP plant and a flat panel solar field for Taars Varmeværk in Denmark.


Client:       Taars Varmeværk
Location:    Tårs, Denmark
Status:    Operational
Technology:      CSP + flat panels
Layout:    4,039m2 CSP + 5,972 m
Yield:    6,082MWh

The system consists of a 4,039m2 CSP plant and a 5,972m2 flat panel field capable of producing 6,082 MWh annually and cover approx. 31% of the annual district heating plant's energy demand, without the use of seasonal storage.

The combination of flat panel collectors and the CSP technology is a perfect match as both systems deliver exactly what they do best: flat collectors have a higher performance at lower temperatures and produce more heat around midday, whereas CSP is most efficient at higher temperatures and provides a more balanced heat production throughout the day. The flat panels preheat the water which is thereafter boosted by the CSP technology to achieve the final temperature of 98 °C.