Aalborg CSP was selected as turnkey supplier of a 2.5MW electrical heat pump system for Ørum Varmeværk. The system is integrated in an existing solar plant boosting its efficiency, while optimizing the system flexibility.


Client:       Ørum Varmeværk a.m.b.a.
Location:    Ørum, Denmark
Status:    Operational
Technology:    Heat pump system
Capacity:    2.5MW
Yield:    10,000 MWh heat/year
Contract type:    EPC

Heat pump and solar integration covers up to 93% of heat demand

In Ørum, the establishment of a 2.5 MW heat pump system and the integration with an existing solar heating system have made it possible for the local district heating plant to lower their gas consumption, add flexibility to the heat production and thus reduce energy costs. Combined, the heat pump and the solar heating system produce approx. 10,000MWh heat annually and cover up to 93% of the heat consumption of the plant's customers.

Improved efficiency and flexibility

The heat pump is integrated with an existing 6,376m² solar plant and a hot water accumulation tank. The heat pump helps optimize the return temperature in the solar plant during months with the least amount of sunshine and enables the solar collectors to harvest more energy. At the same time, energy withdrawn from the storage tank, will help to improve the efficiency of the heat pump during those periods, where it has the greatest value for the overall efficiency.
Likewise, the plant can produce electricity and heat using gas, when the price of electricity is high while it can consume electricity for the heat pump, when the price is low and thereby help balance the grid. 


  • Design and delivery of heat pump system
  • Design and delivery of pipping (valves, drain, headers etc.) 
  • Design and delivery of civil works
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • P&I diagrams and control system
  • 3D model
  • Strength and flex calculations
  • Documentation
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning
  • Legalization of the plant


Andreas Zourellis
VP Sales - International
District heating / industrial solar technologies
Phone: +45 50 30 00 25 
E-mail: azo@aalborgcsp.com