Aalborg CSP investigated the potential to use solar heating to reduce the Danish district heating plant Solrød Fjernvarme's natural gas dependency as well as to stabilize the energy prices towards the consumers. 


Client:       Solrød Fjernvarme a.m.b.a.
Location:    Havdrup, Denmark
Status:    Operational
Technology:     Solar-thermal plant
Capacity:    1.9MWth
Yield:    1,226MWh

To match the client’s energy requirements at the lowest possible cost, the system is designed as a 2,569m2 flat panel system combined with a 1,250m3 heat storage accumulation tank. The solar system covers approx. 28% of the town's heat demand and consists of both single- and double-glazed collectors. Placing single-glazed collectors in the beginning of the rows allows the plant to capture as much energy as possible. The single-glazed collectors capture more energy, while the double-glazed collectors have a lower heat loss.

The mounting system, which permits time-saving installation by crane, and the hydraulic connection considerably reduced the overall time and effort required to install the solar panels. The complete system was installed within five weeks.