Aalborg CSP received an order from the Danish district heating plant Solrød Fjernvarme for turnkey delivery of a 1.2 MW CO2 heat pump system that will support the district heating plant’s transition from natural gas to renewable energy.


Client:       Solrød Fjernvarme a.m.b.a. 
Location:    Solrød/Havdrup, Denmark
Status:    Under construction
Technology:    Electrical heat pump system
Capacity:    1.2MW at 0ºC


Efficient and sustainable refrigerant

Aalborg CSP was selected as turnkey supplier of the 1.2 MW CO2 heat pump system. The heat pump absorbs heat from the air. It then transfers the thermal energy using CO2 to facilitate the process. Using CO2 as refrigerant is both efficient and sustainable as CO2 is extracted from the air and has no environmental impact if emitted. Aalborg CSP is likewise responsible for integrating the heat pump system with the existing district heating solution.

Improved efficiency with heat pump and solar integration

The heat pump system in Solrød is integrated with the local district heating plants existing 2,569m2 solar-thermal plant and 1,250 m3 accumulation in an intelligent way. The heat pump helps optimize the return temperature in the solar heating plant thus boosting the overall efficiency of the plant. Likewise, energy from the existing hot water accumulation tank helps boost the efficiency of the heat pump.


  • Design and delivery of heat pump system
  • Design and delivery of pipping (valves, drain, headers etc.) 
  • Design and delivery of civil works
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • P&I diagrams and control system
  • 3D model
  • Strength and flex calculations
  • Documentation
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning
  • Legalization of the plant


Andreas Zourellis
VP Sales - International
District heating / industrial solar technologies
Phone: +45 50 30 00 25 
​​​​​​​E-mail: azo@aalborgcsp.com