Aalborg CSP strengthens its team by recruiting two new talents who will work in the company's headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark. The recruitment of Asbjørn Dancker-Jensen and Jelica Matoricz is an extension of their involvement in the company's student programme that was designed to attract Danish and international students to various functional areas.

The Aalborg CSP student programme was launched to support the company's long term growth strategy. As a world leader in concentrated solar power (CSP) boiler systems and technologies, knowledge forms the basis of Aalborg CSP's engineering and business activities. To remain at the forefront of the CSP industry as technology developers and providers, Aalborg CSP continuously recruits students within various functional areas to bring a fresh and innovative mindset to the company's well established practices.

As a core value of Aalborg CSP, collaboration is the root of the programme in order to help the students realise their potential through their practical education. At the same time, new ideas allow the company to optimise the technological solutions and business processes. There are multiple opportunities for the Danish and international candidates. Engineering, business, marketing, IT and industrial students can apply for internship positions to spend 3-6 months at the company's headquarters in Aalborg. At the same time, Aalborg CSP offers project-based collaboration as well as the opportunity to write the final thesis with the company. Fruitful collaboration during this period may lead to a job opportunity and it enables the students to become fully trained by the time they start their full-time jobs.

In recent years, bachelor and master students participating in the student programme have established their career in thermal engineering, sales and business development areas at Aalborg CSP. Now, two additional talents have been offered a full-time position at the company.

Asbjørn Dancker-Jensen (25) has just completed his education at the University College of Northern Denmark as an AP Graduate in Production Technology. He joined Aalborg CSP five months ago as a trainee and finished his final assignment in collaboration with the company. As of 1 August, Asbjørn will be part of the project engineering team, dealing with material and supplier selection, quality issues and technical drawing. Asbjørn has an extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with different materials as he spent five years working as a blacksmith before joining Aalborg CSP.

Jelica Matoricz (30), an international student from Hungary has just earned her MSc International Marketing degree from Aalborg University. Ten months ago she started working as a trainee which led to a masters' degree collaboration alongside a part-time job. As of 1 July, Jelica continues her career at Aalborg CSP dealing with the company's international marketing activities. Before joining Aalborg CSP and beginning her studies in Denmark, Jelica spent five years working for a leading marketing communication and PR agency in Hungary.

"We have seen that students who want to make a difference in the world are deeply motivated to work with green energy. Aalborg CSP offers them a worldwide known and exciting renewable technology within a growing industry that enables them to continually test themselves and to rapidly develop on both professional and personal levels"- said Peter Kvist, HR Manager of Aalborg CSP.

The long-term recruitment approach is well illustrated in the fact that some of the employees have been working for Aalborg CSP since the beginnings, for nearly 30 years.

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Jelica Matoricz
International Marketing Manager
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