Concentrated solar power (CSP) market in the MENA region must consider innovation in project development as repeating previous practices will hinder cost optimization and the improvement of technology competitiveness consequently. Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP will join MENASOL 2014 to address this vital question as one of the key speakers in the "Effective supply chain management to reduce your LCOE" session of the conference.

Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) is a key measure to improve CSP technology competitiveness in emerging markets but cost optimization in reality is challenged by the market itself. Government ministries and agencies, financial institutions, solar developers and technical advisors aim to lower LCOE to foster technology competitiveness against currently cheaper renewable alternatives. However, it is frequently seen that value adding technological innovations - that are designed to reduce O&M costs and optimize system lifetime of CSP plants - are neglected due to the decision makers' risk-averse behavior and the inflexible market structure.

Regions, like the Middle East and North Africa have a massive potential for technology enhancement. Repeating projects and locked project cost structures from established markets however will prevent the MENA region from maturing the technology and from improving the competitiveness consequently.

Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP will join MENASOL 2014 as a chairman, moderator and a key speaker between the 6-7th May, 2014 in Dubai. Based on his extensive knowledge on programmes that lower LCOE within Wind energy, Svante has been stressing the importance of a paradigm shift in the CSP market dynamics as it currently works against lowering LCOE. Svante's approach will be introduced in the "Effective supply chain management to reduce your LCOE" panel session held on the second day of the conference. His presentation will furthermore illustrate how advances in steam technologies can provide added value to the overall plant performance from increased daily power production and high system availability thereby reducing LCOE by at least 5%.

Aalborg CSP at MENASOL 2014

Join our dialogue on LCOE reduction! Aalborg CSP, a world leader in CSP boiler systems and technologies will be demonstrating the simplicity of improving the bankability of CSP plants at MENASOL 2014. All visitors are welcome to stop by booth no. 2 to meet with senior representatives from Aalborg CSP: Svante Bundgaard, CEO and Peter Badstue Jensen, Sales Director and Partner.

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