In cooperation with the Japanese trading company Sojitz, Aalborg CSP decided in spring 2011 to enter the Indian CSP market.

With Aalborg CSP's experience in designing and delivering large scale steam generators for the European market and Sojitz Corporation's unique knowledge of the trading industry, combined with their rich experience and great achievements within the Republic of India, the ambition is to become a key player in supplying steam generator solutions for CSP-plants in India.

The Godawari project

In November 2011 Aalborg CSP received the order for the steam generator to the first 50MWe parabolic trough CSP plant in India for Godawari Green Energy Limited.

The system will produce superheated steam at 385°C at 104 barg for a 50MWe steam turbine producing environmental friendly electricity for a future with sustainable energy.

The steam generator unit is on the water/steam side based on natural circulation and on the heat transfer fluid (HTF) side based on forced circulation. The heat exchanging technology is based on shell and tube heat exchangers with header design.

The key contractors, who are the driving force in erecting the CSP plants in India, have shown a great interest in the Aalborg CSP steam generator design. The design is developed based on Aalborg CSP's knowledge within steam boiler technology.

The Indian market

India's energy demand has been increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world due to its rapid economic and demographic development. Renewable energy sources are therefore essential for meeting these high energy demands. Using solar power to produce electricity will reduce the use of fossil fuels, reduce emissions, consider the environment and doing so cost effectively.

"Considering that large parts of India have excellent solar resources which makes the land highly suitable for the concentrated solar power technology and the high ambitions on the Indian market to generate 20,000MWe by solar energy by 2022 makes India one of the most promising CSP markets for us at the moment" says Sales Director and Partner in Aalborg CSP, Peter Badstue Jensen.