The new order is to supply the steam generator for a 25MWe project for the company Cargo Power and Infrastructure Ltd. with Lauren Engineers & Constructors as EPC Contractor. The concentrated solar power (CSP) plant is the first to be built in the state of Gujarat, India, and is scheduled to start commercial operation by 3rd Quarter of 2013. The project is the first in India to use thermal energy storage, providing energy from the collected solar power for up to 9 hours.

Heart of the CSP plant

The steam generator, designed and delivered by Aalborg CSP, consists of one steam generating heat exchanger line with one economizer, one evaporator, one superheater and two reheaters. The steam generator unit is on the water/steam side based on natural circulation and on the heat transfer fluid (HTF) side based on forced circulation. The heat exchanging technology is based on shell and tube heat exchangers with coil and header design.

As the heart of the power plant the steam generator uses the solar energy that has been absorbed in the solar field to generate superheated steam for a steam turbine producing 25MW electricity.

Making CSP bankable by reducing production loss

Aalborg CSP's steam generator design is a 100% welded coil and header-type based on steam boiler technology, rather than conventional kettle-type heat exchangers. Applying a fully welded coil and header-type with up to 4.5mm thick tubes significantly reduces leaking tubes and thereby reduces downtime throughout the lifetime of the system. By reducing downtime both productivity, electricity earning and the general payback time of the power plant are greatly improved.

Improving the bankability of the CSP plants in the long run has generated great interest in the Aalborg CSP steam boiler technology from the key contractors, who are the driving force in building the CSP plants in India.

"Choosing a system with a minimal downtime is of great importance to us, making sure that we can provide as much environmentally friendly electricity from the CSP plant as possible. Therefore, we have chosen Aalborg CSP as supplier of the steam generators for the CSP plant. Aalborg CSP's experience within the CSP industry as well as their great expertise with boiler technology have resulted in a steam generator design that has taken long term savings related to a minimal downtime into account which has a positive impact on the plants bankability" says Mr. Dhruv Batra, Director of Cargo Power and Infrastructure Ltd.

An experienced player within the CSP industry

With a solid experience from the CSP industry in Europe, Aalborg CSP received at the end of 2011 the first order for a 50MWe steam generator system of coil and header-type for a CSP plant in India. This steam generating system has just been handed over for installation and the plant is set to start operation by 2nd Quarter of 2013.

As reference Aalborg CSP has designed and delivered steam generator systems for five 50MWe CSP plants in Spain as well as solar tower receivers for three projects with an output up to 20MWe.

Moreover Aalborg CSP has worked on several research and development projects regarding storage opportunities as well as optimization of both steam generator design for parabolic trough plants and receiver design for solar towers.

As part of the plan to achieve a strong market position on the Indian market The Delta Group, a group of companies focused on the power sector, has been appointed as a local partner.

Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation at CSP Today Sevilla 2012

On 13-14 November Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation will be present at the CSP Today Sevilla 2012 - 6th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit. Please feel free to stop by booth no. 35 to meet with representatives from both Aalborg CSP and Sojitz Corporation to get further information on Aalborg CSP services.

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