Since markets like Southern Europe, India or US are slowing down, suffering delays or even being halted, other emerging markets, like Chile, Middle East and Africa are capturing Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation's attention.

Mining is the main industry of Chile, and it is an energy-hungry industry. It is expected that around $105 billion will be invested in new mining projects in Chile by 2013. As a result of this, a large increase in electricity consumption in the mining industry is anticipated - up to 97%. Chile is known to have optimal solar conditions, especially in the northern region where DNI can reach the level of 3000 kWh/m2 per year. The high energy demand and the optimal solar conditions make CSP a perfect alternative to the present energy supply to the mines in Chile. Currently there already are some CSP activities and investments taking places in Chile creating a CSP supportive atmosphere, which will be a positive drive for the implementation of CSP in the mining sector.

By attending CSP Today Latam 2013, Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation takes their first step towards the attractive Chilean market to gain knowledge of the Chilean energy sector and gain market insight.

Aalborg CSP's cost competitive Steam Generation System

Based on many years of experience with 330MWe CSP plants in operation, Aalborg CSP has developed an innovative new steam generation system design to optimize plant performance and reliability while lowering capex. The newest steam generation system from Aalborg CSP is being supplied for Godawari and Cargo projects and can reduce LCOE of CSP plants by 5-8%.

Leakages are the main cause of stoppages for parabolic trough CSP plants, and it is fundamentally a misunderstanding that a power plant - CSP or traditional - should accept leakages in the steam generation system. Therefore, Aalborg CSP's newest steam generator design is a fully welded construction thoroughly quality tested to ensure a leakage free system. This removes O&M costs due to leakages and even more important ensures no lost revenue caused by downtime.

At the same time, the Aalborg CSP steam generation system is optimised to guarantee a high gradient at 9°C/min thus allowing a fast ramp-up time every morning and at transient clouds. With a CSP plant designed for optimal ramp-up, this can ensure an increase of daily operational time by up to 5% increasing daily revenue accordingly.

These arguments are one of the main reasons for Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation to be amongst the finalists for the CSP Today India Technology and Supplier Award.

Visit us at CSP Today Latam 2013 in Chile 

On 17-18 July 2013, Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation will be attending CSP Today Latam 2013 held at Hotel Enjoy Antofagasta, Chile. You can visit us at booth no. 1 in the exhibition area.

Jan Jasper Haikens, Thermal System Engineer from Aalborg CSP, will be attending the event. He has previously attended the Plant Optimisation Summits in both USA and Europe as technical speaker, presenting optimization of steam generator design for CSP plants. Vicente Garcia from Sojitz Corporation will join Jan at the event. You are welcome to stop by our booth to meet the team for a talk about steam generator design and optimization.

As an event sponsor, we are entitled to offer our colleagues and clients an exclusive $200 discount with code AALBLATAM on admission!