The Integrated Energy System is a custom-designed configuration of different renewable technologies with concentrated solar power (CSP) acting as focal point of the system.


Multiple energy flows (heating, desalination, electricity, steam, cooling) can be provided through one carbon-free system, all seasonally balanced to achieve lowest possible energy costs. The energy plant is therefore ideal for industries with dynamic energy needs and unreliable or expensive access to energy, such as:

  • Remote mining operations
  • Greenhouses
  • Breweries
  • Paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Aluminium industry
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Etc.

Depending on individual energy requirements, the Integrated Energy System can be an add-on to an existing energy source (a hybrid solution) to reduce fossil-fuel consumption or a stand-alone for complete fossil fuel displacement.

To design the best solution, a pre-engineering study is conducted determining technical and economical possibilities of a given system requirement and providing significant savings in the Integrated Energy Systems’ design time and costs as a result. Aalborg CSP A/S is partner in designing, constructing and commissioning the energy system.

Loan guarantee covering all political and commercial risks is available for project financing through Denmark’s Export Credit Agency.

Did you know

...that Aalborg CSP A/S delivered a globally-unique Integrated Energy System based on CSP enabling growth of fresh vegetables in the Australian desert?
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