Depending on the individual energy requirement, a heat pump can act as an independent stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing heat source, such as a solar heating- or biomass plant.

In district heating supplies where solar heating is already integrated, the heat pump can be used to optimize the efficiency of the existing heat source.

Up to 28% higher efficiency with intelligent integration

By integrating a heat pump in e.g. a solar heating plant, it is possible to obtain and utilize valuable synergies between natural energy sources and thereby optimize both the flexibility and efficiency of the heat supply. In such combination plants, waste heat from transformers and engines is utilized while integrating solar heat. This increases the yield of solar heat, while the COP (Coefficient Of Performance) is likewise improved. Calculations show that the yield from an existing solar heating plant can be increased significantly by 8% to 28% through intelligent integration of a solar and heat pump solution.

The heat pump helps optimize the return temperature in the solar plant during months with the least amount of sunshine. At the same time, the energy withdrawn from the storage tank, will help to improve the efficiency of the heat pump.


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