Did you know that only 40% of the excess heat from production companies and industry is currently being utilized. There is great potential for utilizing this heat to produce e.g., district heating. This by means of electrical heat pumps.

Excess industrial heat plays a significant role as a supplier for district heating, if we are to reach the goal of 100% independency from natural gas.

Instead of disappearing into thin air, excess heat from industrial processes such as drying, evaporation, melting, cooling, etc. can be used for the production of district by means of heat pumps.

The excess heat is used to heat the water in the district heating network after which it is sent out to the many district heating customers as cheap, energy-efficient and CO2 neutral heat.

High-temperature excess heat can be used directly in the district heating network, whereas low-temperature excess heat must be boosted so that is matches the district heating needs.


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District heating / industrial solar technologies
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