Sundrop Farms is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture for the arid world, growing high-value crops using seawater and sunlight. It has the technology and operational skills to develop, construct and operate greenhouses in locations that have little or no access to arable land, fresh water sources, grid electricity or natural gas. The company has created a proprietary food production system which grows high quality produce, all year round, in greenhouses that use the abundant and renewable resources of sunlight and seawater. As the world’s population continues to grow, Sundrop Farms is de-coupling food production from finite resources and relying instead on renewable resources to grow the world’s food industry, not just profitably but also sustainably.

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Founded in 1988, BK Engineering is a leading mechanical engineering and consultancy company based in Aalborg, Denmark.

With the aim to be a flexible and value-adding resource to the customers' changing needs, BK Engineering offers a broad scope of engineering services throughout the complete lifecycle of steel constructions, machineries and technical installations. This includes development and (re-)design of new and existing products, comprehensive risk analysis, technical documentation and CE-marking services ensuring compliance with national and European regulatory, quality and safety standards. BK Engineering also takes charge of managing and supervising production of technologies and ensures delivery reliable on quality, budget and deadline commitments. BK Engineering is part of the Aalborg CSP A/S group.

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GREENoneTEC has been regarding itself as a reliable and innovative partner for the solar industry for more than 25 years. These qualities have enabled GREENoneTEC to become a world leader in the production of high-quality thermal flat-plate-collectors.

Eight product lines are the basis of more than one hundred different collector models and mounting solutions. Besides aluminium tray and frame collectors, which are ultrasonic as well as laser welded, the product range also includes wooden frame collectors, vacuum tube collectors, large scale collectors and thermosyphon systems as well as intelligent mounting systems.

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that Aalborg CSP A/S has so far delivered more than
1,700MWth solar installations globally?
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