The sun is a powerful renewable energy source supplying the Earth with incredible amounts of energy every day. As an experienced developer and supplier of solar district heating solutions, AalborgCSP harnesses this great amount of energy in the most efficient way for hot water production as well as for combined heat and power generation.

Lowering the cost of district heating

To supply the district heating plants' individual energy needs in the most optimal way, we provide a variety of solar-thermal technologies. Our single objective is to develop and deliver value-adding solutions that excel in operation, increase plant revenue and contribute to a greener future - and to do that at the lowest possible cost.

With world-class thermal engineering expertise we aim to unlock the black-box to create projects in areas where otherwise it would not be possible. Depending on project requirements, the following technologies or the integration of more are typically utilized to accommodate the district heating clients' energy demands:


From engineering design to turnkey delivery

In close collaboration with the clients, Aalborg CSP  assists the district heating plants in all aspects, from identification of energy needs to day-to-day operations:

1. Identification of custumer needs

• Optimized solution for the best price based on individual client needs
• Specifying project requirements - from design to system construction

2. Project development

• Close collaboration with the customer and the advisors
• Support in regulatory approvals
• Material and supplier selection

3. Price quote presentation

• Fixed price and delivery time
• Presentation for stakeholders

4. Project Management

• Setting up the solar plant
• Pipework
• Integration
• SRO - Control, Regulation and Monitoring
• Start-up, Commissioning and Testing
• Training in operation
• Operation and maintenance plan