Aalborg CSP received an order from the combined heat and power plant (Smørum Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.A.) to deliver an 8MWth solar heating plant that will reduce the facility’s natural gas dependency as well as stabilize energy prices. 


Client:      Smørum Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.A.
End user/Owner:        Smørum Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.A.
Location:   Smørum, Denmark
Status:   Operational

Flat solar-thermal collectors matching the client's energy needs

The 11,312 m2 solar field, which is located in the town of Smørum, consists of flat solar-thermal panels capable of producing 5,568 MWh heat annually. Aalborg CSP’s scope of supply also included delivery of necessary technical installations and 2,2km long piping for energy transmission.

“It was a natural step in our development to switch to a renewable energy source that can also compete with the fluctuating gas prices so we can stabilize the cost of energy production. Flat solar-thermal collectors matched our energy needs the most and we were pleased to receive a cost-competitive solution-package from Aalborg CSP whose diverse solar portfolio and installed global capacity made us chose them as partners for this project” – said Jan Møller, Managing Director at Smørum Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.A.

Rapid construction and installation

Construction commenced in August 2017 in Smørum and the system was successfully handed over on budget and on time. Altogether 59 rows of flat panels were installed with up to 20 collectors placed in one row. These 13,3m2 optimized panels have shown the highest performance among all known mass-produced large-scale solar collectors on the international market. The same collector type was also used in another Danish district heating plant (Solrød Fjernvarme) where they performed beyond expectations during Spring and Summer of 2017.

The system has been harvesting the sunrays since Spring 2018. Due to Danish weather records in May, the solar plant was able to produce 40% more energy than anticipated and thereby to cover nearly 100% of the city’s hot water and heat demands. This enabled the plant to make a high-performance debut for the official opening, which took place in June 2018. The plant has continued its good results and during the Summer performed above the guaranteed level. Besides offering a cost competitive solution for heat production, the solar plant also avoids the emission of at least 1,100 tons of CO2 annually.  


Smørum Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.A.
Capacity of the plant:    8 MWth
Annual energy production:5,568 MWh
No. of costumers:2,583
Location:Smørum, Denmark
Scope of supply:Complete solar collector system, technical installations and technical house, transmission lines
Area:11,312 m2
Plant layout:59 rows with up to 20 collectors in one row
Solar collector type:GREENoneTEC GK3003 series, single and double glazed

Expected system lifetime:

25 years
CO2 savings:1,100 tons / year

Project updates

Click through the pictures to see how the construction progresses in Smørum, Denmark. (The pictures are organized in chronological order, latest project updates appear first.)