From summer 2019 and onwards, thousands of people travelling across the Great Belt in Denmark will get to see renewable energy in full bloom in the shape of a 11,733 m² solar field. Aalborg CSP landed the project and will be delivering an 8 MWth solar district heating plant consisting of flat panel solar thermal collectors to be installed along the Danish highway. 


Client:      SK Forsyning
End user/Owner:        SK Forsyning
Location:   Korsør/Halsskov, Denmark
Status:   Under construction

Matching the customer's energy needs

Aalborg CSP received the order from the Danish utility and energy supply company SK Forsyning to deliver the 8 MWth solar heating plant. The solar heating plant is to be integrated with the district heating plant’s new biomass boiler and will supplement the delivery of energy to the plant’s existing customers in Korsør as well as the many future district heating customers in Halskov.

In order for us to be able to provide our customers with a lower heating bill, while also contributing to the country’s clean energy transition, looking towards the sun was an obvious choice for us. Energy from the sun alone can annually account for 15 percent of our district heating production. It was therefore natural for us to incorporate the sun into our strategy” – says Carsten Lunde, Head of energy at SK Forsyning.

Renewable energy in full bloom on showcase

The 11,733 m² solar field, which will be located in Halsskov near Korsør, will consist of 74 rows of flat panel solar thermal collectors with up to 38 panels per row from Aalborg CSP’s collaboration partner GREENoneTec.

The many rows of solar collectors will be placed on a field along the highway and thus become a showcase for renewable energy, nationally as well internationally, once again emphasizing Denmark’s position as global leaders within renewable energy.

"With the construction of this solar heating plant along the highway, thousands of people will each day get to see renewable energy in full bloom. We are a company dedicated to changing energy around the world, and with this solar thermal plant, we are one step closer to a greener and more sustainable future” – says Jes Donneborg, Executive Vice President at Aalborg CSP.

The solar plant in Korsør has a capacity of 8 MWth and is capable of producing 6,500 MWh heat annually. Combined with the district heating plant’s new biomass boiler, the solar heating plant will provide cheap sustainable heating to 5,000 households in Korsør and Halsskov.

With the plant in Korsør, Aalborg CSP continues its series of new projects based on customized solar and storage solutions supporting a competitive transition to renewable energy.

Shortly after signing the agreement with SK Forsyning, the construction work commenced in Korsør. The solar thermal plant is expected to be harvesting its first sunrays this summer of 2019.




SK Forsyning
Supplier of the system:Aalborg CSP A/S
Solar-thermal collector type:GREENoneTEC GK3003 series double glazed
Plant layout:74 rows with up to 38 collectors in a row
Slagelse Municipality / South of Denmark
No. of households:5,000
Capacity of the plant:8 MWth
Annual heat production:6,500 MWh heat
Expected system lifetime:25 years

Project updates

Click through the pictures to see how the construction progresses in Halsskov near Korsør, Denmark. (The pictures are organized in chronological order, latest project updates appear first.)