In October 2014, Aalborg CSP was awarded the contract to design and deliver the most advanced solar district heating system for Taars Varmeværk in Denmark. The system is a combination of CSP technology and flat panel collectors and supplies 31% of the district heating plant's energy demands.


Client:      Taars Varmeværk
End user/Owner:        Taars Varmeværk
Technical advisor:   JPH Energi A/S
Location:   Tårs, Denmark
Status:   Operational

CSP combined with flat solar panels - optimal use of the sun

The combination of flat panel collectors and the CSP technology is a perfect match as both systems deliver exactly what they do best: flat collectors have a higher performance at lower temperatures and produce more heat around midday, whereas CSP is most efficient at higher temperatures and provides a more balanced heat production throughout the day.

The solar system for Taars Varmeværk applies flat collectors to preheat the water which is thereafter boosted by the CSP technology to achieve the final temperature of 98 °C. The mix of the two technologies allows better daily energy distribution.


CSP ensures maximum energy production/m2

The CSP technology applies sun-tracking, U-shaped mirrors, called parabolic troughs, to maximise the sun's energy and consequently the efficiency of heat production. The sun rays are captured and reflected onto a receiver pipe filled with water and located in the central point of the troughs. Here the concentration and a significant better utilisation of the sun's energy is obtained enabling high-temperature water generation. Therefore, the CSP technology ensures a very high efficiency/m2, requiring less mirrors to achieve the same energy production as the flat panels.

The Taars system consist of a 4,039m2 CSP plant and a 5,972m2 flat panel field to generate a total of 6,082 MWh annually. This provides 31% of the annual district heating plant's energy demand, without the use of seasonal storage.

Project FACTS:

Aperture area/CSP: 4,039m2
Aperture area/Flat panels:5,972m2
Temperature:      98 °C    
Households:   840
Annual heat production:  6,082 MWh
Environmental savings:23,000 tons CO2 / 20 year

Project updates

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