In 2010, Aalborg CSP developed and delivered a receiver system for a 5MWt tower demonstration plant for the production of saturated and superheated steam. 


End user/Owner:     Undisclosed

The receiver, developed and delivered by Aalborg CSP consists of an evaporator and a superheater. To fit the 140° solar field, the evaporator receiver is angled to optimize the absorption from the solar field. The receiver is situated on top of a 30 meter high steel tower. The solar field consists of 250 individually controlled heliostats that are individually 22m2 large.

The safety of the high pressure steam system is monitored by a fail-safe PLC and controlled together with the heliostat field by a common DCS.

The delivery includes:

Aalborg CSP's scope of responsibility was design and engineering, procurement and technical assistance during installation, and commissioning of the delivery.

Scope of supply:

  • Steam drum incl. valves
  • Solar tower receiver
  • Condenser
  • Feed water pump and feed water control valve
  • Chemical dosing pumping unit with tank
  • Water treatment plant
  • Demineralized water storage tank with make-up water pump
  • Deaerator
  • Safety valves on steam drum and steam line
  • Instruments
  • Control system and fail safe PLC
  • Transportation to site, Turkey
  • Technical assistance during installation and commissioning