Aalborg CSP was awarded the contract to deliver steam generator systems based on the leakage-free Header-Coil technology for three CSP plants in Dubai, each providing 200 MWe totalling 600 MWe for the largest CSP project in the world.


Client:      Shanghai Electric Power Generation Engineering Co.
End user:
   ACWA Power 
   Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)
Location:   Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Status:   Under construction

The Dubai 700MW CSP + 250MW PV Hybrid Project 

The record-breaking Dubai 700MW CSP+250MW PV Hybrid project developed by ACWA Power, with Shanghai Electric Group Corporation as EPC constitutes the fourth phase of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The project is an important part of Dubai's Clean Energy Strategy - a strategy under which 75 % of Dubai's energy will be generated from clean sources by 2050. When completed, the solar park will provide clean energy to more than 270,000 residences in Dubai, while reducing the carbon emissions by 1.4 million tonnes per year. 

Award-winning operational features

With the steam generator systems from Aalborg CSP, the Dubai 700 MWe CSP Project will benefit from state-of-the-art boiler designed heat exchangers based on the Header-Coil technology. The Header-Coil design from Aalborg CSP originates from traditional boiler technology and is a 100 % welded coils type based on steam boiler technology, rather than a conventional TEMA-type based steam generator using U-tube design. The Header-Coil design has a higher availability from the no leakages design and thus lower operation and maintenance cost. Since Aalborg CSP’s entry on the CSP market, the company’s steam generator technology has won several international awards, due to its no-leakage design and higher performance features. In 2019, Aalborg CSP celebrates its 10-year anniversary for no leaks in Header-and-Coil.

Eliminating leakages with Header-Coil technology

Leakages are one of the main causes for breakdowns causing unplanned downtime for CSP plants and is considered a major quality issue within heat exchangers and steam generation systems for CSP plants. During repairs, the steam generator is drained and cooled down resulting in massive loss of revenue, as the system cannot produce steam while repairs are made. The majority of TEMA U-tube type equipment has leaking issues, as it is not suited for the frequent system starts/stops and load changes in large-scale CSP plants.

The Header-Coil type equipment on the other hand possesses the ability of absorbing the dynamic loads and thermal stress of large-scale CSP plants. This technology eliminates leakages, avoiding unnecessary maintenance and system downtime.

Due to the patented Header-Coil design for CSP applications, Aalborg CSP is capable of demonstrating a proven track record of 10 years leakage-free operation, which presents the client with the optimal amount of availability and thereby productivity, electricity revenue and the general payback time of the power plant are greatly improved to lower the cost of energy. 

Project facts

Project name:Dubai 700MW CSP+250MW PV Hybrid Project
Plant capacity:950 MWe (CSP plants: 600 MWe, tower: 100 MWe, PV: 250 MWe)
Technology type: Parabolic troughs with thermal oil + solar tower + PV plant
Plant layout:44 km2 solar field with parabolic troughs + PV panels
HTF temperature: 393 ºC
Energy storage capacity: 15 hours/day
Lifetime of the plant:35 years

Aalborg CSP - scope of supply

Supplied technology:Thermal oil steam generation systems
Scope of supply:2 trains of steam generators incl. safety valves for the pressure vessels
Steam temperature:385 ºC
Steam production:217 kg/s
Steam pressure:109.6 bara
Ramp-up rate:10 ºC/min
System warranty:5 years no-leakage and 5 years no fouling warranty

Project facts:

  • World’s longest plant lifetime for CSP-plants: 35 years
  • World’s largest capacity of single CSP+PV project - 950MW
  • World’s largest area of single CSP+PV project - 44 square kilometers
  • World’s biggest quantity of molten salt used in single CSP project - 550,000 tons
  • World’s tallest CSP tower - 260m
  • Lowest LCOE of USD 2.4 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the 250MW photovoltaic solar panels technology and 7.3 cents per kWh (2.9 cents in daytime, and 9.2 cents in night time)