Aalborg CSP was selected to design and deliver a CSP system to be integrated with a biomass-organic rankine cycle (ORC) plant for combined heat and power generation in Denmark. This is the first large-scale system in the world to demonstrate how CSP with an integrated energy system design can optimize efficiency of ORC even in areas with less sunshine.


Client:      Brønderslev Forsyning
End user/Owner:        Brønderslev Forsyning
Location:   Brønderslev, Denmark
Status:   Operational

CSP integrated with a biomass ORC plant for combined heat and power generation

Aalborg CSP in close collaboration with the Danish district heating plant (Brønderslev Forsyning) carried out a comprehensive feasibility study on the potential to use concentrated solar power as an add-on to the biomass-ORC plant. Based on the positive findings, Aalborg CSP was awarded the contract to develop and supply the 16.6 MWt CSP plant enabling production of heat and electricity within one carbon-free system.

Operational philosophy

The CSP plant consists of 40 rows of 125m parabolic trough loops with an aperture area of 26,929m2. The parabolic troughs (U-shaped mirrors) collect the suns' rays and reflect them onto a receiver pipe wherein a fluid is heated up to 330°C. This high temperature is able to drive an electric turbine to produce electricity, but the flexibility of the system also allows production of lower temperatures for district heating purposes. To maximize yield of energy, waste heat is utilized and sent to the district heating circuit whereas electrical power is generated at peak price periods.


The collaboration with Aalborg CSP was truly professional with a high degree of interaction and information exchange, enabling us to choose the best solution and to facilitate the entire construction phase. The plant operates smoothly via a logically-built monitoring system.

Delivered in record time

The achievement of the world’s first CSP system combined with a biomass-ORC plant is supported by the Danish Government’s Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP). 

Construction and installation of the system set records as it reached completion in just short six months. The CSP-plant has been operational since the end of 2016.

CSP optimized for the northern European climate

The parabolic troughs are optimized for Nordic climate conditions to reliably produce energy even during average wind speed of 15 m/s. Moreover, the receiver pipe is surrounded by a special glass vacuum tube that has a lower loss of production compared to other constructions.This solution have been tested and verified in a commercial setting in Denmark, where CSP in combination with flat panels today provides hot water generation for district heating purposes.

Project facts

Client:Brønderslev Forsyning
Capacity of the plant:         16.6 MWth
No. of customers:4,500
Location:Brønderslev, Denmark
Area:26,929 m2
Plant layout:40 rows of 125m U-shaped parabolic trough mirrors
Energy output:Heat as primary + electricity periodically produced
CO2 savings:23,00 tons CO2 / year


Project updates

Click through the pictures to see how the construction progresses in Brønderslev, Denmark. (The pictures are organized in chronological order, latest project updates appear first.)