Aalborg CSP A/S received the order for turnkey delivery of a customized 1.2 MW integrated electrical heat pump system to Saltum Fjernvarme in Denmark. The system will help increase the reduction of the facility’s natural gas dependency as well as stabilize the energy prices towards the customers.


Client:      Saltum Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.
End user/Owner:        Saltum Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.
Location:   Saltum, Denmark
Status:   Under construction

Customized solution and high efficiency

The 1.2MW electrical air-to-water integrated heat pump system, which will be located in Saltum in Northern Jutland, will use outdoor air as the source for heat production in order to supply sustainable heating to the district heating plant's 370 customers.

The system is customized to fit the district heating plant’s specific energy needs with a high efficiency (COP) thus lowering the cost of energy. With a capacity of 1.2 MW at 0 °C, the plant is capable of producing 8,000 MWh heat annually, thereby covering approx. 80% of the customers’ heat consumption.

Besides offering a cost competitive solution for heat production, the solar plant also avoids the emission of at least 1.150 tons of CO2 annually.


Ole Hejlesen, chairman of Saltum Fjernvarme

“During the entire bidding and negotiation process, Aalborg CSP has been very attentive of our needs and easy to work with. Furthermore, the solution from Aalborg CSP gives us the best long-term financial returns, which benefits our district heating consumers.”


Saltum Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.
Capacity of the plant:1.2MW
Annual energy production:8,000 MWh heat/year
No. of customers:370
Supplier of the system:Aalborg CSP A/S in collaboration with Innoterm and Frontmatec
Scope of supply:Turnkey delivery og integrated heat pump system, installations and building
Expected system lifetime:20 years
CO2 savings:1.150 tons/year equaling approx. 70%